Welcome to the Anarchy TV video collection

Perhaps the most exiting part of the punk/new wave era was the term 'Video Generation'

The idea that That TV could be more than a one-way thing was really revolutionary at the time.

O.K. - Like the Jet-Age, The Space-Age, and The Summer of Love, it might have promised more than it delivered -

but to those of us who spent our early-to-mid teens hanging around street corners, it was a lifeline.

We hung around 'cos we couldn't get on with our parents - but we also hung around because

bigoted comedies, endless panel-shows with stars of the 40s and 50s and a steady diet of  love-boat music, disco and heart-throb hits  just wasn't good enough anymore.

The thought of getting hold of a synthesizer, a home studio or video camera was a real buzz.

Sadly, it wasn't properly affordable until the mid-to-late 80s - but it still inspired us to believe we could 'take over' the media ... or at least warp it a little.

Videos shown here are for inspiration - and to remind me to make some time  for a few more projects of my own.


                                                            Jack Laney


All videos and music copyright of the artists








All we ever wanted     Anvil

Failed olympic bid     Bottom of the river

Reagonomics     Beat up kids

Flush     Hey fatty boom boom

The ex on tour     Run with the wolves

Twin flames     Birds

stretchheads     wolfman

 Big ideas     Parachute endings

astronaut     Real democracy

Charlie Brooker     Gardyn

The last astronaut     To feel the night as it really is

Illegal drugs     Super

Cab and betty     Cold city

Electric popcorn     Just a lady

One man band     Things that go bump in the night

Peace on earth